Guidance of the Care of Buttons
A useful guide on how to maintain the quality of your Buttons when washing.

Real Horn

Horn is a natural product and therefore is more vulnerable to damaging as a result of washing garments; it is advised that garments with Real Horn Buttons are dry cleaned.

Real Leather

Leather should not be subjected to heat, pressure or moisture. Although milder processes of dry cleaning are safer, the safest option is to remove Leather Buttons before washing a garment.

Real Pearl

Pearl should not be subjected to high temperatures or pressure. Care should be taken when washing and the water should be below 40 °C   to preserve colour quality. 

Polyester and Nylon

Solid colours can be washed and dry cleaned without any risk of damage. However, care should be taken when dry cleaning or pressing garments with dyed buttons.

All information used with permission from "James Grove and sons".