Brexit Busting Bites of Bling

Tuesday, 30th April 2019

The dreaded six letter word BREXIT has had an effect on a lot of businesses due to uncertainties in trade throughout the UK and Europe. Due to this, our German suppliers are expected to increase their prices.

The Button Queen bring to you a range of Swarovski Buttons in many shades and colours, at unbeatable prices. Make sure you stock up before the prices increase or worse, stock runs out.

Swarovski Buttons are perfect for transforming your garments, crafts, upholstery and jewellery designs. We believe you will love this range of buttons.

Swarovski Crystal Buttons are beautiful crystal buttons which have a mirror backing to reflect light and give sparkle. Swarovski buttons come in various sizes (10mm, 12mm, 14mm, 16mm, 18mm, 23mm and 27mm). These buttons can be sewn on to all items of clothing including bridal gowns, shirts, dresses and costumes.

In the current trend of upcycling, we are pleased to bring you extraordinary buttons which replace plastic for those who are ethically conscious.

We currently have black and clear shanked Swarovski Buttons online, if you wish to order the styles and colours, get in touch and we will give you a deal too good to miss.

Round 2 Hole Style

Square 2 Hole Style

Round Shanked Style