Changes at The Button Queen

Tuesday, 17th October 2017

Celebrating 65 years in London

The Button Queen is celebrating 65 years trading in London


After celebrating 65 years in London, The Button Queen is relocating.
The Button Queen is relocating to Pembrokeshire where Martyn & Isabel’s daughter Kat will run the day to day business.

Reasons for Move

Martyn & Isabel wish to retire without ending The Button Queen’s trading.
The legacy of The Button Queen is that it has been a family run business from the very start, it is time for the third generation.

The new bespoke website will be the main platform for The Button Queen and will push the business into the 21st century.

How it Will Work

We have been busy renovating a barn which will hold the button stock.
When orders are placed online they will be dispatched from the barn in Pembrokeshire. Orders can be placed online, over the phone or through email.

We know that the shop offered a one to one service and we wish to replicate that on the website with a live chat.
Martyn will also offer a one to one consultancy in London for all our existing customers and suppliers.

We are moving at the beginning of December 2017, when the shop will close and stock will be moving to Wales.

We would like to use this time to thank everyone for choosing to use The Button Queen. It will be the end of an era but here is to the future! We will keep all of our customers updated on the move and we are here to answer any questions you may have.

Below are the roles of everyone at The Button Queen

Martyn Frith

Director & Consultant

Martyn will be in London offering one to one consultancy.

Isabel Frith

Director & Head of Accounts

Isabel will be working on the accounts and in charge of payments.

Kat Ellis

Director & Head of Day to Day Business

Kat will be running the business from the barn in Pembrokeshire.


Current Address

The Button Queen Ltd
Marylebone Lane London

England W1U 2PR

New Address

The Button Queen Ltd Maesgolau
Newport Pembrokeshire

Wales SA42 0LX