Sustainable Products - Corozo Buttons

Tuesday, 23rd January 2018

Corozo originates from Mexico to Brazil and is a fruit that grows on various types of palm trees.

The name of the corozo tree is phytelephas macrocarpas. This translates to ‘elephant plant’, and gets its name from the size of the fruit and the similarity it shares with elephant ivory.

The fruit is around 30cm in diameter which contains seeds. These seeds then solidify into to a white substance. The seeds are dried and the remaining material is very hard and can be cut, pressed, heated, burned, laser etched, bleached, tinted, and polished.

Because corozo is a natural product, it shows a natural pattern and this gives it its unique distinction. One which plastic cannot offer. The hardness of corozo means it has a cool, weighted feel and is very scratch-resistant.

The dyes used with corozo are non-toxic and biodegradable. The entire process from plant to product is environmentally friendly as the fruits are only picked once fallen naturally.


1. Unique natural grain

2. Vibrant colour

3. Soft yet strong

4. Water resistant and scratch free

5. Not going to break the bank!

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